Lupus Lycinus is a Shikanen Wolfman. He has the power to control lightning.

Early Life

Lupus lived a relatively normal life under Shikanen's planetary shield. He loved to tinker with devices. One day, while he was flying his starfighter, a solar storm disrupted the shield. Lupus escaped through a temporary breach.


Several years later, Lupus had acquired a reputation as a tough bounty hunter. Commander Epsilon, who was following rumors of the Shikanen Wolfmen, tracked him down. After a brief confrontation, the two decided to destroy the planetary shield. While they were leaving Lupus' apartment, they were attacked by a group of Phibots. Easily destroying them, the two left the planet as Epsilon called in reinforcements.

Destruction of the Shield

Along with a team of URA Rebellion commandoes, the two attacked the shield's relay station. What nobody counted on was the robot guards. Though the commandos were killed and Epsilon was badly injured, Lupus used his Electrokinesis to destroy both the guardians and the shield controls, removing the shield. The removal, however, caused a subspace disturbance that attracted the attention of a Phibot armada, led by Phi himself.


The armada swept through the system, destroying a large number of Rebellion battleships. Phi, however, had not counted on the assisstance of the freed Shikanen Wolfmen. The Athena- and Ares-class battleships and dreadnaughts that the Wolfmen had been producing were extremely powerful, and although outnumbered 5-to-1, the Wolfmen had another trick up their sleeves: their flagship, the Defender. One of the largest ships ever built, the Defender quickly destroyed a large number of enemy battleships. Blitz Demon also had a large role as well, destroying hundreds of Phibot fighters and gunships.

Phi's flagship, the Tyrant, holed by atomic cannons and set ablaze by internal fires, careened wildly across the battlefield, taking out random ships as it went, with Phi at the controls. Phi aimed the flagship for the Defender, hoping to destroy it, but although he was ultimately unsuccessful, the Defender was permanently disabled.

The Shikanen Wolfmen, EXTREMELY pissed off at the loss of their flagship, almost completely annihilated the enemy fleet. Phi was picked up by one of the fleeing Battleships in a escape pod.


Lupus, along with the rest of the Wolfmen, pledged his support to the Rebellion. Lupus went on to be a major leader of the Shikanen Armed Forces, alongside his friends Incendion and Zephrit. His Electrokinesis proved a major weapon against the Phibot Empire.