Basic Phibot

The basic Phibot makes up the bulk of Phi's army.

The Mark 2 Phibot is the most easily recognized symbol of a Phibot Empire prescense. Created to be cheap and expendable, they are not very good soldiers when compared to humans. However, lacking fear or any version of self-preservation, they never give up.

Each individual Phibot is powered by a miniaturized Phi Industries fusion reactor, located just behind the Phibot symbol on their chest. They are typically armed with the PAC-1 assault carbine and some grenades.

There are many different variations on the basic Phibot, each adapted to specific environments or duties. For instance, there are jungle combat versions equipped with thermal imaging and close-combat claws, marines armed with shotguns used to clear enemy ships, and even heavily armored versions used to provide heavy support.