The United Republic, usually abbreviated as the UR, is a dystopian government that controls nearly a third of the galaxy.


The Republic first came into existence in the year 452 BBH. Originally, it was a democratic government, but a century of constitutional "reforms" turned it into a dictatiorship, ruled by a small council. This council controlled every facet of life for it's citizens, which, as you can imagine, caused no small amount of discontent from it's citizens, reduced to little more than peasants. In an effort to divert the public's attention, the council turned it's eyes to it's closest neighbor, the peaceful and far larger Mekkain Republic, founded by a colony ship of geneticists. The council orchestrated a series of border "incidents", carried out by easily bribable Mekkain ship captains, and immediately started a war. Within a year, they had taken over nearly half the galaxy. However, the tide turned when Mekkai recieved it's own dictatorship, the cyborg Phi, who promptly turned the Mekkain Republic into the Phibot Empire.. Facing a new military with larger numbers and more advanced weapons, the Republic became desperate. Eventually, many soldiers became digusted at the fact that the Republic was prolonging a needless war, when the Phibot Empire was, in fact, willing to negotiate peace. When the council heard of this discontent,, instead of executing the soldiers, they sent them on a suicide mission in an attack on the Phibot main fleet. However, the plan backfired when their top general, Abram, defected, and his second-in-command started a Rebellion.

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