The URA is the ground forces of the United Republic. Commanded by Abram, their soldiers are tough and well-trained. They serve as Phi's main adversaries throughout much of War Hazard.


The URA was first conceived soon after the formation of the People's United Republic. It's goal was to replace the poorly trained and equipped planetary militias that were commonly used at that time. For centuries the URA put down rebellions and safeguarded planets, until Phi took over the Mekkain Empire. At that point, many URA soldiers found themselves facing hordes of Phibots in massive battles. At one point, the soldiers found themselves fighting alongside their adversaries for a few months, when Abram was forced by his superiors to ally with Phi. Many soldiers, including Commanders Epsilon and Upsilon, were disatisfied with this, and formed the URA Rebellion. Approximately 8 months ABH, the Ruling Council of the People's United Republic found themselves ousted, and Abram nearly was killed in a Phibot assassination attempt. Cloning projects were started to boost the numbers of the URA. Angered at their apparent replacement, most of the original soldiers went and joined the Rebellion, along with a jaded Abram.